Isabel Blue


Able App

Collaborators: Anna Atiagina & Julia Rundberg, video voice-over and music by Peter Richards | My role: data visualization, video concept & copywriting, motion design
Programs used: Illustrator, After Effects | Timeline: 5 weeks | Student Project

Able is an app that connects volunteers with non-profit organizations. Individuals sign up with their skills, interests and available time and browse by topic, or receive alerts when their skills are needed. We designed this app, from concept and prototyping, to video and advertising.

As the motion designer for this project, my main goal was to make infographics and motion pieces that explain how the app works in a way that would appeal to our key demographics and encourage them to use the app. I wanted them to be thorough enough to instill customers’ confidence in the app, but simple enough to be understood quickly. We wanted the interface to be appealing to a diverse group of users and easy to use, and advertising materials that would reach a broad group of potential customers, from Millennials to retirees.

We gave the brand large type to appeal to Millenials and retirees, our primary user targets, and on-trend, friendly colors and icons. For the motion and infographics, I used triangular diagrams to reinforce the app as being a connection point between two communities. I also used a lot of “connecting the dots” as a metaphor for connecting users to their community. I used the brand guidelines and icons from our branding designer to create infographics and videos that I then passed on to the UX designer to include in the website and app.

Anna, Julia and I developed the concept, art direction, and research together before splitting up roles: Julia did branding and advertising, Anna did UX, app prototyping and web design, and I worked on infographics and motion design.


Promotional video (with sound)


UX by Anna Atiagina

Branding & Advertising by Julia Rundberg