Isabel Blue


Egyptian Theater

Collaborator: Anna Atiagina | My role: branding, print layout, motion, environmental, copywriting
Programs used: InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects | Timeline: 11 weeks | Student Project

The Egyptian Theater is an independent movie theater in Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood. The building has a rich history, built as a masonic temple and later hosting wrestling matches, before finally being bought by SIFF and run as a movie theater showing a variety of films from new independent releases to old cult classics. For a branding project, we rebranded the Egyptian Theater, which is currently lacking a cohesive brand. We designed signage, merchandise, environmental design, website and ads as part of the rebrand as well as creating an in-depth brand book to hand-off to employees to utilize.

We wanted to create a cohesive look for the Egyptian and portray all aspects of the theater, staying true to its grungy, casual attitude while elevating it as an historical Seattle icon and venue for art films. We wanted to create work that was nostalgic of the theater’s historic past, true to its casual nature, and modern in tone.

We did a comprehensive brand lab to determine brand traits, positioning statements and brand concept. We created 3 moodboards for our 3 brand characteristics ("enduring, alternative, indulgent"), then narrowed this down to one moodboard for our overall brand concept ("rebellious icon"). We then designed all assets, starting with posters to determine the visual look, then applying that to print and web ads, motion for social media, merchandise, landing page design, signage and environmental design and finally compiling it all into a brand book. Our brand concept is "rebellious icon," which encompasses both the alternative, edgy side and the enduring, iconic side. We achieved this concept through black and white photography, large color overlays, hand-done elements, skewed shapes and bold sans-serif typography combined with hand-lettering.

Anna and I collaborated on all of the branding, then split up assets: I focused on posters and ads, motion graphics, exterior environmental design, and the print brandbook layout while Anna did web design, icons, signage and interior environmental design, and the web version of the brandbook.

Brand Lab Process


Final Deliverables