Isabel Blue


Mad Ritual CBD

Collaborator: Julia Rundberg | My role: Branding, packaging, merchandise
Programs used: Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop | Timeline: 11 weeks | Freelance Client

Mad Ritual is an emerging company that makes CBD products for athletes. We did a full brand design for the company and designed product packaging and merchandise.

The client wanted the branding to relay athleticism, appeal to different ages and genders, and not look like stereotypical cannabis products. We also wanted the logo to reinforce the concept behind the name of the brand: the combination mindset that many athletes have of both a crazed intensity (“mad”), and a focused calm (“ritual”).

Our logo design supports the concept of the brand: the “Mad” is intricate and conveys motion and power, the “Ritual” is more subdued and grounded. We used cropped versions of the logo as design elements for the assets to promote the brand, and created a system of icons to use in brochures and signage in order to help with the education process around relatively new legal CBD products.

Julia and I worked in tandem on the branding, packaging and merchandise. She worked individually on the motion and rack card design while I worked on the signage/booth concept.