Isabel Blue


Grand Gesture Magazine

Skills: Art Direction, Layout Design | Programs used: InDesign, Photoshop | Timeline: 11 weeks | Student Project

Grand Gesture is a quarterly art magazine for people interested in art and feminism featuring articles about female and non-binary artists with an inclusive, inviting tone. Grand Gesture features articles about contemporary artists and photos of their work, as well as a calendar of suggested upcoming shows and brief art history lessons to contextualize featured work. Each issue has a overarching theme, this issue is the “Activism issue,” centering artwork that addresses current social issues.

I wanted to showcase female and non-binary artists whose work is innovative and challenging, while still being inclusive of different ages and genders, and people with varying knowledge of art. Most of all I wanted this magazine to be inclusive of a wide audience and get people excited about art.

I used photos, colors and layouts to support the content and appeal to readers. The photos captivate viewers’ attention, the colors are soft and welcoming, the layout is edgy, using large type and asymmetrical layouts, but still approachable and clean.