Isabel Blue


Namesake Brewing

Skills: packaging, branding, illustration | Programs used: Photoshop, InDesign | Timeline: 7 weeks | Student Project

Namesake Brewing is a local, small-batch beer and cider brewery in Seattle, featuring four beverage flavors inspired by the founder’s favorite places. I created branding, packaging and merchandise to support the company’s quality, hand-crafted product and tell the story of the namesake places.

The main challenge of this project was to make obscure places intriguing to customers. I wanted to convey the specialness of theses specific places while making them relatable enough for customers to care about the product. I also wanted to show how the brand could be extended to other assets and merch, allowing potential for growth beyond a local market.

The labels feature custom type and illustrations that use friendly, subdued colors, organic shapes and earthy textures to support the hand-crafted products and the specialness of the places. The overall branding uses geometric shapes to reference places more broadly, allowing customers to relate through feelings towards their own favorite places.