Isabel Blue


Velvets Chocolate

Collaborator: Nina Wesler | My role: packaging, illustration, web design, copywriting
Programs used: Illustrator | Timeline: 5 weeks | Student Project

Baron Chocolate is a Polish Chocolate company launching a limited edition line of chocolate bars in America based on Andy Warhol and the Velvet Underground. The five bars are named after the characters involved in the New York avant-garde art and music scene of the 60s and 70s.

We wanted to reference a nostalgic visual style while being new and modern, and convey the wild creativity of the scene to get customers excited about the new line. The main challenge was in making a music and art reference appropriate for chocolate packaging.

We used an updated Pop Art aesthetic to reference the time period while appealing to current customers, and a saturated color palette and fun illustrations to refer to the wild rock & roll party scene. The outer packaging is bold custom type, referencing 60’s typography, with a gritty screen-print texture overlay. The paper wrappers are two-sided, the insides feature dense, colorful patterns made up of the ingredients and references to the bar’s namesakes. These illustrations are also used in motion collateral and on the landing page. For social media advertising, our concept is "Peel Slowly and See," the title of a classic Velvet Underground album. We translated this to the idea of peeling open chocolate bars and used personifications of the bars to refer to the characters and reinforce the concept.

After conceptualizing the line together and determining a visual direction, Nina acted as art director while I worked on creating assets. I did the packaging and illustration and she did content strategy and motion.


Web Design

Stop-motion illustration assets

Social media campaign by Nina Wesler