Isabel Blue


Namesake Brewing by Isabel Blue

Namesake Brewing | branding, packaging

Grand Gesture Magazine by Isabel Blue

Grand Gesture Magazine | layout, art direction

Citrine skincare by Isabel Blue and Julia Rundberg

Citrine Skincare | branding, packaging

Egyptian Theater Branding by Isabel Blue and Anna Atiagina

Egyptian Theater | branding, layout

Velvets Chocolate by Isabel Blue and Nina Wesler

Velvets Chocolate | packaging, illustration

Mad Ritual Branding by Isabel Blue and Julia Rundberg

Mad Ritual CBD co. | branding, packaging

Frye by Isabel Blue

Frye Art Museum | layout, advertising

Able App by Isabel Blue, Julia Rundberg and Anna Atiagina

Able App | motion, data visualization

Illustration and Lettering by Isabel Blue

Various illustration and lettering projects