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Kimberly Bryant

Founder and director of Black Girls Code, an education nonprofit founded in 2011 that teaches girls of color to develop mobile apps and learn computer programming and robotics development. The vision of Black Girls Code has been to increase the number of minority women in all technology fields by empowering and educating from an early age.

Black Girls Code

Rebecca Garcia

Project Manager at Microsoft and co-founder of CoderDojo, an international nonprofit. CoderDojo facilitates workshops that pair up youths aged 7 to 17 with adults working in tech jobs to teach them web, game, and app development. Garcia is the youngest person ever to receive a White House Champion of Change Award for Tech Inclusion.

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Gwynne Shotwell

President and COO of SpaceX, a corporation providing space transport services to both government and commercial customers. Shotwell is currently overseeing more than 40 upcoming launches and is preparing a next-generation Dragon spacecraft for its first trip to Mars in 2018. Prior to SpaceX, she worked at Aerospace Corporation and was Director of Microcosm's Space Systems Division.

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Dara Treseder

A senior marketing executive in Silicon Valley, Treseder is currently the Chief Marketing Officer at GE. Treseder also sits on the board of the Public Health Institute, one of the largest, most comprehensive public health organizations in the nation. She is also the co-founder of NeuBridges, a marketing, strategy and innovation consultancy that, since 2014, has trained more than 1,000 entrepreneurs in growth markets around the world.


Limor Fried

A leader in the open-source hardware movement and founder of electronics and tutorial company, Adafruit. AdaFruit sells open-source DIY hardware kits for consumers to build projects, from phone chargers to robots. The company aims to teach electronics and product design to all ages and skill levels.


Claire Boonstra

Founder of Operation Education, a Foundation that seeks to change the structure of traditional schooling into lifetime learning through technology. Boonstra's background includes nearly two decades of experience in engineering, technology and new media.


Erica Kochi

Co-founder of UNICEF's Innovation Unit, which works to use technology to strengthen UNICEF's programs. The Unit operates 14 innovation labs that partner with governments, private companies, academia, and individuals to come up with locally relevant solutions to the world's most pressing problems such as: youth entrepreneurship programs in Kosovo, mobile birth registration in Uganda, and renewable energy resources in Burundi. Kochi is also the co-chair of the Global Future Council on Human Rights.

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Juliana Rotich

Partner at Africa Tech Ventures, a start-up advisor and investing group that supports start-ups in Africa. Rotich co-founded Ushahidi Incis, an open-source software project that uses crowdsourced geolocation, mobile phone, and web reporting data to provide crisis reporting and information. She also co-founded BRCK Inc, a hardware and services technology company formed to enable communication in low infrastructure environments in Kenya.

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Ching-Yu Hu

Entrepreneur-in-Residence at Google and co-founder of Terra Bella, an aerospace and data science startup that designed, built, and launched the world's largest constellation of commercial high-resolution imaging satellites and was acquired by Google for $500M in 2014. Data from the company's first two satellites will be used to monitor crops, traffic patterns, deforestation in the Amazon, and aid efforts at refugee camps in South Sudan.

Terra Bella

Erica Baker

Engineering Manager at Patreon, an artist funding company and former engineer at Slack. Baker founded Project Include, which works to get more diversity into corporations. Erica has a long history of creating inclusive environments in STEM fields for women, minorities, and other underrepresented groups, including mentoring at Black Girls Code and sitting on the board of Directors at Girl Develop It, which provides accessible development programs to women.

Project Include